My Thoughts on 7.0.3


Now that I’ve had about two weeks to get used to Patch 7.0.3, I wanted to offload some of my thoughts and opinions concerning the pre-Legion patch.

The Good

The transmog catalog is fantastic. I really dig that they went the Diablo 3 route with transmog, and the extra bag space is a godsend. This was a really nice quality-of-life addition to the game.

The demon invasions are awesome! They can seem a little grindy after awhile, but holy cow do they make leveling and gearing alts easy! I may very well have 2 shiny new 100s before Legion hits, and possibly a 3rd. I’ll be really happy to have options once the expansion arrives, which I’ll allude to in a bit.

The new graphics rendering and extended draw distance are a welcome change. I just built a new PC which is able to take advantage of the higher game settings and boy does Azeroth look pretty when I’m soaring above it.

Demon Hunters! I’ve only played one in the time it took me to level him to 100, but I must say, they are pretty fun. Tons of mobility, awesome skill animations, lasers! However, I tend to prefer the old classics myself, so it’s doubtful I’ll be on him too much in the upcoming expansion. There’s already enough of them running around anyway. So much purple in my raid frames and in my Recount.

There may be a few other bits I forgot, but those are some things that come to mind when I think of reasons to be excited about 7.0.3.


The Bad

The continual pruning of class abilities in an effort to simplify gameplay. I’m getting really tired of this, and more so than any other patch in WoW history, 7.0.3 has utterly gutted many class specs.

And my god…Blizzard…what the hell have you done to the hunter class?! I’ve endured every major class overhaul since pre-BC, but this latest patch has left my hunter a shadow of his former self.

I was most excited to try out survival since I was one of the oddballs who actually enjoyed having melee abilities back in the day. I played as survival until I could afford a gladiator pike and then I was done. It is an interesting spec, but to me it seems like a novelty. I have a hard time thinking it a viable choice above other melee classes and it certainly does not feel like a hunter. Hunters are a ranged class and if any of the 3 specs merit a melee-only play style, it should be beast mastery.

I know that survival used to be the talent tree with the melee abilities, but in my opinion, “strictly melee” does not jive with the identity of the specialization. Nets, traps, grenades, etc… all those things fit in well with what I would consider the identity of the survival class, but the fighting side-by-side with your loyal pet business… that’s BM all the way.

Blizzard completely pooped on the class when they came up with their version of hunter “class fantasy”. I truly feel like MM and BM tuning were deferred until the very end during their class overhauls and they simply ran out of time and ideas. Survival seems a little clunky to me, but it’s at least engaging and interesting to play.

Beast Mastery still feels reasonably powerful in PvP, PvE DPS is OK from what I’ve experienced, but overall, I am not happy with it. The rotation doesn’t feel smooth anymore, and I’m not crazy about becoming a “summoner”. I never embraced Dire Beast as a talent and I’m bummed that it’s now a core baseline ability that I’m forced to use.

Beast Mastery should be about the bond between a hunter and his pet. It should not be about me summoning some random animal out of thin air every few seconds or pulling a pack of turtles, scorpions, owls, bears, and alligators out of my butt every 3 minutes. I never liked Stampede either, and now it’s pretty much a must-have talent for Beast Mastery. The other talents in the 100 tier are pretty disappointing – leaving us with Stampede as the only viable option at present. Way to give us choices, Blizzard.

A Murder of Crows I can deal with as a summoning spell. It’s a fun talent and I think it fits well with the Beast Mastery class fantasy, but as BM, I did always prefer Blink Strikes in that tier.

Marksmanship I tried last, and wow, it was not for me. First off, I can’t see huntering without a pet, and MM without Lone Wolf just seems inadequate damage-wise. Furthermore, without Master’s Call, there’s little need for a pet as MM, for PvP anyway. For PvE content, I seriously doubt there’s any benefit to taking any talent in that tier besides Lone Wolf.

After a bit more research, i.e., patch note “catch-up”, I realized that not all of the pet abilities got scrapped. Some pets have still retained abilities which are advantageous in PvP. I had mistakenly thought all special abilities were dumped for non-exotic pets, but now I see that many pets still possess slows, snares, healing debuffs, etc. Even without Master’s Call, having the added PvP debuff or utility, and Roar of Sacrifice, edges out the DPS boost from Lone Wolf (for PvP). Before realizing this, I queued several BGs as MM using Careful Aim and found that DPS was still very powerful without Lone Wolf, and having RoS did help quite a bit in terms of survivability.

To me, MM just feels weird now. It’s traditionally been my least favorite of the three hunter specs, but I never didn’t like it. Now I just flat out don’t dig it, which is too bad since it’s clearly the top producer right now in terms of DPS. But if I don’t enjoy it, I won’t play it. I may give MM another pass, but for right now, I just don’t know… I’m so confused right now when it comes to my future huntering.

Shocking as it may sound, I’ve even flirted with the idea of maining another class for Legion.

That thought is hard for me to fathom, but that’s how broken I feel the class is at the moment. I almost want to avoid hunter in protest.

The Ugly

I’m saddened over the continued homogenization of our hunter pets. For many of us, our furry, scaly or slimy sidekicks are what gave our class its unique appeal.

Pets are what initially drew me to the hunter class. The unique meta-game of hunting down and taming beasts for their skills, skins and unique abilities…that was always such a turn on for me. In vanilla, it was so fascinating to learn about the different pet types, with their varying attack speeds and other traits. I actually enjoyed the thrill of taming a pet just so I could learn a new skill level to teach my other pets. It was work, but it was rewarding gameplay and something that really defined playing a hunter.

It may seem weird to some of you, but I also used to enjoy cooking food for my pet(s) and making sure they stayed happy and fed. Things like the care and feeding of pets set hunters apart and furthered our class identity. Being a hunter meant you had a sidekick to nurture, level and train, which provided more work, but for many of us, that’s why we chose the class.

When Blizzard first began down the path of pet parity, I was somewhat OK with it, but I never embraced the fact that any pet could be specced for any role. To me, that just seems silly. A moth should not be able to tank, and a turtle should not be able to dash, charge or put out as much DPS as a raptor. The changes to pet talents and abilities were gradual, and I’ve accepted them as they’ve been introduced, but now I’m going to be more critical of past changes as enough is enough already.

With this latest change, which took away many of our pet’s defining abilities, they now have little more identity than a warlock’s summoned demon. In fact, they may almost be on par because at least a lock pet shows up with its own unique name.

And the Outright Unacceptable

No traps for MM or BM…are you kidding me?! For reals, this is ridiculous. Traps have been baseline since day one. I’m cool with SV having some additional tricks up its sleeve, but at the very least, please give BM and MM Frost and Freezing back. Come on, Blizzard!

This cooldown they’re referring to as Aspect of the Cheetah…let’s get this fixed and returned to its former state, please.

Give us back Master’s Call! Losing this ability altogether has been a tough one to handle. Master’s Call should again be a baseline ability for any hunter spec that doesn’t take Lone Wolf.

Why is Camouflage now a talent and why is it in a tier competing with two CC abilities?! We don’t need to be full-invisible like rogues or druids, but come on… Camouflage should be baseline for the hunter class fantasy. Goddammit, Blizzard.

My assessment of our pruned and reimagined class is more about the feels, but if you want a more insightful critique of our current class mechanics and so forth, do yourself a favor and have a look at Denyel’s comment below. It offers a practical analysis of the pre-patch hunter, highlighting both the good and the bad, but mostly bad.

So Now What?

After a few days on Garwulf, I realized I simply was not enjoying playing him as much anymore. And that sucks. It sucks bad. These days, I may not play as often as I once did, but no matter how much time I spent away from the game, and no matter what havoc Blizz wreaked on my beloved class throughout various patches and so forth, I always felt like I was spending time with an old familiar friend when I’d log on to do some huntering. No matter how much the class had morphed over the years, many things still felt the same.

As of now, I don’t feel that’s the case anymore. The hunter class has lost its way due to Blizzard pushing on us what they feel the hunter class should be, and guess what, their idea of Hunter Class Fantasy is lame. Really lame.

After a few days on Garwulf, I decided to turn my focus towards Paladin and Warrior – both of which feel a bit different, but not unrecognizable or broken. After that, I started playing my Disc Priest a bit and let me tell you, Blizzard nailed it with their class fantasy. Disc is a very exciting and engaging spec, albeit a bit stressful as a healer, but fun and rewarding.

Then…I decided to do the unimaginable and roll a Warlock. For right now, if Blizz doesn’t untangle the mess they made of hunters, Warlock may be the new hunter for me. It’s hard for me to imagine that I wouldn’t main hunter in Legion, but for the first time ever, I’m not sure.

In Closing…

I do hate coming across as negative, but this time I am really disappointed with the path Blizzard has taken with hunters. Their idea of hunter class fantasy is, simply put…Bullshit.

If they want to embrace this whole fantasy route and work at making each spec feel unique, then there are some ways they could fix this, although I feel like things may be too far gone at this point. I think Blizz may have shit the bed as far as hunter class design goes, and we just may have to live with it for one expansion.

And did I also mention how much I lament the loss of Kill Shot? And my glaives. Glaive Toss was a fairly new ability, but I really enjoyed it for the short time it was around.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop for now. I just wanted to sound off a little bit and now I feel better.

So…what do YOU think of Patch 7.0.3? Love it? Hate it? What do you think of the new focus regen mechanics? Do you miss mana?

Let’s discuss it in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “My Thoughts on 7.0.3”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been playing since 08, and after much heartache, deaths and losing my beloved pets, I have now resided myself to the fact that they killed the hunter! No dancing around it, Blizzard have turned it into a joke.. simples…

    What the hell did they do to explosive shot? why did they change what was a relatively great skill and replace it with another suicide shot?
    So if you haven’t got enough problems, ensuring your pet doesnt over agro everything in the vacinity, you now have skills which will sure as damn it, agro everything in sight… Blizzard really hate hunters dont they?
    Barage is like the old multishot, which is just a suicide skill and dire beast, is well.. pathetic.. If I want to see a random animal come charging out of thin air, then I’ll go visit a menagerie.

    The warlock however, is pretty nice to play and similar to what our hunters used to be like.

    As for Legion, I adore the quest lines, and how each class has its own unique story etc. that has been quite enjoyable to the point I still subscribe and have now retired my beloved hunter and her pets, and playing my lock n druid..

    It is very similar to Diablo isnt it.. Also, as for the comment made by someone regarding GWs.. they are right, ranger is similar, but the gameplay etc, just isnt as good IMHO..

  2. My thoughts exactly when i saw the hunter changes. They just destroyed the hunter class. Also the hati in BM is just lol. What were they thinking? “i have an idea lets give hunters a pet. But they already have one. Well then lets give them a second one lol”

    Keep them coming

  3. I have been a BM hunter since BC. I’ve run tons of dungeons, and have done a lot of solo play. For me, my pets are everything for my spec. I have a lot of fun with it. Until now. I was in shock at the way Blizzard pretty much destroyed the BM spec. If Blizz is going to destroy things, lets expand it to every other class. Bring all of it down to mush for everyone.

    My Beastie growls at this mess…

  4. Hi Garwulf,

    That’s a hard read, especially since I’ve had this exact feeling starting in wotlk. I’ve mained hunter in vanilla and tbc (while the later parts of tbc were already piss poor for hunters, remember the one button macro spam uber dps?).

    So from WotLK on I mained different classes with my hunter as good geared alt everytime. This seemed to be the trick that made the game stick. Hunters have been poor to play for some years imho, especially when you compare them to your favourite classes (in my case warrior in wotlk, priest in cata, monk in panda/wod and it’s going t be druid in legion). And i’m pretty sure I’ll get the hang of that demonhunter aswell =D

    So my tip would be: Main a class you really enjoy and always keep your trusty hunter as your main alt because you know you’ll enjoy it anyway 🙂

    • We’ve all had to endure varying degrees of nerfs, changes, pruning to our preferred spec(s) over the years, but never anything like this.

      I do recall the glory days of TBC BM, but although I am a huge proponent of macros, I was never a fan of cast-sequence macros. That aside, the spec was still very easy to play and it put out amazing DPS, but it felt great! I don’t need a terribly complex priority to keep me engaged, but our rotation should feel busy, but fluid. I think we should always be pressing some button.

      My Ret Paladin has a 4-button rotation and 1 major cooldown, but he feels powerful and the priority keeps me occupied. I’d like to see something like this happen with BM and MM.

      And give us back some utility, for crying out loud. We went from being the mobile ranged class with the versatile tool kit to being casters and summoners.

      Survivability took a massive hit as well, and that’s one thing I’m hugely upset about. I’ve decided that MM is the spec I’m most happy with at the moment, despite my previous criticism, but I feel terribly squishy in battlegrounds. It’s forced me to adapt a different play style than I’m used to, and if I’m in a BG with loads of rogues and ferals, I get tunneled and that’s just no fun.

      I’m at the acceptance stage of my grief, so I’ve decided to go MM and make the best of it, which is OK with me because I much prefer the MM artifact over the BM one anyway. I’ll begin the push through Legion on Garwulf and hope that the next few patches cure most of what ails us. Through good times and bad, hunter has always been the class I enjoy most, so I’m going to hang in there…at least for awhile.

    • I happened upon that thread last night, Stroeb. I was so pleasantly surprised to see some blue in the class forum for a change, and not only that, a feedback request of all things! I may log in and add to the thread. I don’t have much to contribute beyond what other hunters have also noted, but I am another voice, as are all of you. The more of us that complain and offer constructive criticism, the closer we’ll hopefully to get to receiving a more satisfying class to play in Legion!

  5. Thank you for posting this. It describes almost exactly how I felt when I logged into my hunter. I actually cried when I saw the changes.

    Like you, I never liked MM and I would only rarely play BM. SV was always my go-to spec. And, well, that’s gone.

    I almost switched (and may still switch) to an Assasantion/Sub rogue, but my guild needed a hunter so I’m trying to stick it out. Here is what I’ve found after pretty extensive play time:

    The MM rotation is really rough (and will probably continue to be so after Winburst). The problems:
    – The lowest cost shot that doesn’t follow a focus regen shot is 50 focus so you essentially have 50-150 focus since you can’t do anything at 40 focus except hit SW if it’s up. Windburst brings this down to 30 so it could help with this a bit, but I think the insta-cast focus regen is going to make this to be an ongoing problem throughout the xpansion.
    – That said, focus management is pretty messed up right now. I find myself capping focus with nothing off CD except a 2 second, non buffed aimed shot that’s not really worth 50 focus without Vulnerability. Worse than that, I find myself running out of focus – a lot – during my standard rotation. During a long fight, I wind up standing there casting Autoshot for long periods of time while I wait for my focus to regen or a Sidewinder to come of CD.
    – AOE on everything. Hunters already had a bad rap for pulling everything. Now, even those who pride themselves as not being one of “those hunters”, have the ability to pull the entire dungeon (and get a few birds at the same time). We really should be able to choose AOE not have it baseline.
    – Having a pet needs to be an option. I spent weeks (months?) of game time just farming pets (not just for BM either).
    – Instant cast focus regen shots are a huge part of the rotational problems and lead to most of these focus issues. Who thought instant-cast focus gen shots on a CD would make sense? Seriously, who thought this would be a gameplay improvement.
    – Blizzard did do a decent job making sure skill would improve DPS in this spec though. The actual rotation, if done properly, is extremely complex given four buttons. It is so complex, in fact, I can’t imagine they did it intentionally. I’m competitive so skill matters to me and it shouldn’t be removed from the game.

    BM was my second choice spec and I found it fun pre-patch. I prefered doing the damage to the target myself though so it wasn’t my first choice. Even though my pet did much of the damage, it still felt like I was doing something. Now:
    – We don’t even pretend to do damage. It feels like I’m playing tonka remote control with my cat.
    – We have ONE shot (and either a 60 second crows or 20 second and Barrage). Since I choose this spec when I don’t want to die during an open world PVP situation, I am forced to choose the 60 second Crows. If I choose MM or Barrage I end up fighting the other player and every NPC I pull with my AE.
    – WTF is with Stampede? It’s virtually useless in a PVP scenario because the player can just step to the side and avoid it. The plus side is that it does seem to provide some skill requirements in the arena but you will never see more than a stun duration of damage to your target.
    – The concept “rotation” or “shot priority” are gone. We hit whatever ability is off CD and try no to cap by spending Cobra shot. I haven’t actually looked the writeups about this, but I can’t imagine any kind of priority works when you only have one pressable button at a time (or Cobra shot).

    This was my spec pre-patch because I didn’t have to stop for a 2 seconds cast and I wanted to do my own damage. Now, it’s gone and I don’t know why:
    – I can’t see any benefit SV has over other Melee classes.
    – When was the last time you’ve heard from a Raid Leader, “We need more melee, we have too much ranged.”

    – I haven’t done much arena yet, but it isn’t looking good for the expansion. Master’s call is gone, we have one slow, and a three minute speed boost. We are going to spend our days chasing healers around columns and never catching them. If it wasn’t for the server reset, I’m pretty sure I would still be chasing that last healer.
    – Traps – These were really useful when trying to keep range on NPC’s and Players. I would love to use them after accidently strafing into a mob while soloing. They were used to keep things at range until you could escape or keep some 1-shot mob from eating your raid. It makes no sense to give them to Melee only.
    – Explosive trap – Yeah. It’s a trap. But holy cow it was fun blowing people off of lumbermill.
    – Camo is gone – This was a really useful quality of life thing for hunters, and especially usefull in RBG’s.
    – Where is my Pet?!!?!?!?! That should be a real choice for any hunter class. Giving players the option, but making the pet-version so nerfed nobody will choose it is ridiculous. It feels like some dev said, “They’re crying that their pet is gone, so give it to them but make it useless so we can show our boss the stats proving hunters don’t really want pets.”
    – Utility – There were a lot of Raid mechanics that made hunters very useful. Is Blizzard planning on making Raids into “Cleave Everything Down” like they’ve done with Dungeons? Things like traps and MC were really useful in solo play.

    I don’t really know how to summarize this aside from saying that I am disappointed in the hunter changes. With so many improvement in the game, I don’t understand why Hunters seemed to be gutted without rhyme or reason. I don’t think they spent much time thinking the changes through. Just the fact that the left a whistle on a 15 second (or sooner) CD seems to indicate that they never bothered to play the class. I can’t imagine anybody who played hunter would have done this to their class.

    Also Blizzard, if you’re reading this … If I wanted a 4 button rotation, I would play a different game. Some people say it’s hard to learn WOW, but more people would tell you that you’ve taken the pruning way too far. Maybe if people didn’t start out at level 100 (because you sell level 100 toons), you wouldn’t hear the barrier to entry complaint as much.

    • Outstanding analysis, Denyel. I’m on board with your breakdown of each spec and I’ve linked your comment in the original post because it definitely offers a critical evaluation of our current state from someone who knows the class. When you mentioned switching to assassination/sub rogue I knew this comment was coming from a capable player.

      You nailed it on the MM skill factor resulting in over-the-top damage, but it feels awkward and uncomfortable to play. I’ve only tried it in PvP and it did not suit my style of play, but I’ve seen some truly impressive numbers from MM. Lone Wolf, though. I just can’t bring myself… I may revisit it with Steady Focus to see if it smooths out the rotation, but I’m not too motivated at the moment.

      And yes, BM’s shot priority has been blown to hell. I feel like a total spaz playing as BM right now.

      This made me lol for real: “When was the last time you’ve heard from a Raid Leader, ‘We need more melee, we have too much ranged.’” Survival was a failed experiment, IMO. Players rolling alt hunters may find it intriguing, but I can’t help but see it as a gimmicky lesser version of [insert any melee class dps spec here].

      The whistle emote on Dire Beast was so utterly flawed I can’t help but agree with you on that. How on earth did that mechanic pass through any sort of internal QA is beyond belief.

      It would appear that Blizzard has totally forsaken their older and longer-tenured player-base in an effort to offer simpler gameplay that will hopefully attract a new audience. I believe this started with Cataclysm, but the trend has been gradual. Until now. It’s getting ever-closer to Diablo 3 every year.

      And I’m totally with you. I would never have created this site 8 years ago if the class (or the game) were not so intricate and game play so compelling. I love(d) WoW for its intricacies and depth. WoW’s just about gotten to the point where you can hop on just about any class and find the exact same abilities – only the names and animations have changed. I want utility. I like having 30 key binds. Apart from learning and becoming adept at a new class, a lot of the ‘reward’ has been sucked out of this game.

      I do still enjoy it and I believe it remains the undisputed king of MMO’s, but I also believe this expansion will lose more players than it will attract. I at least hope that hunter representation radically declines so that Blizz can see what a mess they’ve made.

    • You are on the money with BM one button push. I feel like I’m doing nothing. Bring back the days when we had a few options. I am finding that every time I come across a PVP pally, it owns my butt. I have hunters at almost every level, my brothers laugh at me for that, but Im really considering giving pally a shot or heaven forbid touching my lock that Ive had for years. Im itching for the days of a hunter in vanilla times, even though I personally found feeding my pet a waste of my bag space.

  6. I came back for Legion and have been playing around with the specs. I’ve never been a huge fan of BM, so I don’t have any experience with it in 7.0. I found Surv very enjoyable, except for the fact that it has no Disengage. Disengage, usable in or out of combat, with Posthaste, is such a valuable tool to get around. Harpoon pales in comparison. In addition, it makes almost no sense to put Posthaste on Harpoon. Why do I need a speed boost after I got to where I am going?

    I did not like MM much either, however. I was using the Lone Wolf/Patient Sniper/Sidewinders build recommended for max DPS, and it was not terribly fun. I tried swapping out Patient Sniper/Sidewinders for Sentinel/Piercing Shot, and I have been finding that build much more enjoyable. I also have opted out of Lone Wolf for solo questing. I will probably use it for dungeons/raids and keep the pet out when I don’t have a tank. Lone Wolf/Black Arrow is also not a terrible option for questing. Playing without Sidewinders does feel a bit more fluid and interesting to me, it also allows for more movement, as you get more Hunter’s Mark procs. We will have to see how much it kills DPS at endgame.

    • “…it makes almost no sense to put Posthaste on Harpoon. Why do I need a speed boost after I got to where I am going?”


      Incredibly stupid mechanic.

      Return Disengage as baseline, and maybe Master’s Call could reappear in that tier in place of Dash.

      And also fix Aspect of the Cheetah.

  7. I absolutely agree, Survival seems to be the most polished spec out of the 3, and it is still lacking. I cannot understand why they decided to replace disengage with the hook, why not have both?

    I hate the new MM, although I might try it with another talent build, but even Blizzard did not commit to the new “class fantasy”, so they design the whole spec around not having pets, then they are like: “You know what? Let’s make it a talent and make it optional.”

    BM is probably what I would stick to in Legion, if I decide to continue with my Hunter (which was also my first character and always my main). I have to admit I don’t mind dire beast, and I feel the Glyph that is coming in Legion (where dire beast MOSTLY summons a pet from your stable) could help you not feel like you are summoning a random beast from the wilderness. I do like having multiple pets at the same time, and I think maybe the pet from the artifact will help me feel more like a beast master. I do hate that it is a gun though, really? Marksmanship would be the ideal choice for a gun as a sniper, but whatever.

    I hate to admit that I’m thinking about maining another class for Legion. I mean seriously, have you seen Fury warriors? The animations are sooo fun, and I really feel that I am killing things and my abilities have an impact (plus I have a 0s CD Kill Shot). Blizzard nailed the class fantasy … by forcing me to switch to a better class which actually feels like doing things.

    • We definitely got hosed on the new animations. Playing my warrior or paladin alts is so much more satisfying when it comes to the animations. They definitely win out on fun-factor when compared to the hunter.

      I’m luke-warm on the artifact weapon system. I like the idea of added customization, but I do not like the fact that we are all going to be equipping the same legendary weapon. The weapon is the single-most satisfying piece of gear we have, and I personally, have already been missing the thrill of obtaining an exciting upgraded piece of new gear through a drop. This, too, is a change Blizz has had in the works for awhile, but the artifact weapon is a huge change that I’m not quite on board with.

      It also doesn’t help any that the weapon is a gun and it looks terrible. A master of beasts should not rely on a weapon that’s going to frighten their entire stable. In terms of fantasy, a BM hunter should use a bow, crossbow (even though they’re my least favorite ranged wep), or more appropriately…dual wield axes like a certain badass Mok’Nathal.

      Marksmanship could have been given the gun. Guns have more accuracy and a much longer range.

      Survival would also make sense. If Blizz had done things right, BM would have been the savage melee brawler and SV could have been a ranged spec with some nifty utility shots. The gun would have suited this role nicely, and could have featured some shots which utilized different rounds for a variety of CC, interrupts, DoTs and what not.

  8. as someone on a tight budget that cannot afford to add to, buy or build a new desktop; the improved graphics have bottomed out my desktop.
    I was not lagging before; now I am and that is with all the changes I can make.

    • That sucks, GrdDog. The new PC was an expense I couldn’t really bear, but being that I rely on computers for work, it was justifiable. Thank goodness for Newegg’s 12 months same as cash. 😉 My new rig is pretty modest, coming in at about $975, and it handles WoW with ease.

      I can honestly say that had I not upgraded, there would be a lot less to excited about with this latest patch. The improved spell animations and overall graphics rendering have helped to offset some of glaring woes.

  9. Gar it’s very disheartening to hear about the ridiculous changes. The worse part for me to read was about the traps, it looks like they are going the way of stings.

    As you know I was never A big BM hunter, but this just plain sucks and I feel for you. Losing the whole pet as an actual part of your character is just wrong. Good luck in Legion man. Take it easy.

    • You know what, man. No matter what they do to this game, they can never taint the memories of us running Kara or Gruul’s. Side-by-side, two hunters doing what they do best and making it look good. Filling the other DPS in the raid with utter jealousy and contempt.

      Good times we had. Good times.


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