My New Work Clothes

Apart from my vanilla PvP set (which is essentially an instant mog makeover), I haven’t ever farmed a transmog set for Garwulf…until now.

Anyway, see what you think of my current raidwear…

Black Dragonscale Hunter Transmog

Those of you who are like…wtf…why are you posting this transmog fluff and not talking about huntering in WoD..?! Truth is…I’ve been enjoying the expansion all too much. 😉 Not since TBC have I enjoyed the game this much.

I’ve got a few topics I’d like to discuss, so I’ll try to be back soon. In the meantime…I’m still active, I’m working on some updates, and I shall return! 🙂

12 thoughts on “My New Work Clothes”

    • Hey you! Long time, no see! How’ve you been? Playing WoD or D3 these days?

      The set is Black Dragonscale, which has only 4 pcs. The cloak is a lvl 60 or 70 epic that I just happened to get while farming old content, and I realized it looked pretty nice with the set. Gloves are from a a Cata quest in Uldum, bow is a green drop in WotLK called “Astral Light Bow of the…”. Bow is usually pretty expensive on the AH due to it being the only all-black bow in the game, plus it looks really nice in a more classic and subtle way. I’m not really into the over-sized extravagant gear, so this bow suits me perfectly.

      • Ooooh well, I lurk your site from time to time 🙂 yes.

        I came back to WoW in December, with the new expansion. Loved it, even if right now I’m stuck at iLv 646 as I can’t raid Normal/Heric runs (no time). I mostly login to do my daily garrison duties plus the occasional world boss, raid invasion and stuff like that. Not sure if I’ll keep subbed to be honest.

        D3 has been a GREAT game for a couple of month but the lack of new content really didn’t help.

        I’ll leave you with my current mog set!

        Cheers and keep up the good work my friend. You’re not EU, right?

      • Ah the bow, I just xmogged to Shrediron’s Shredder gun. Your gear set looks so badass lol. I’m still trying to get the complete pvp gear. Then, I’ll prolly get a pink set for PvE. Here’s waiting for blackrock foundry lol. Visit us in Dalaran!

    • Glad you like it, Ancksanura. The hardest part of the set were the boots. That recipe has been really hard to get, but I finally snagged it off the auction house. Same with the bow. I tried farming that thing off and on, but the random drop chance is soooo low. With my new riches I’ve acquired in WoD, I was finally able to justify the 4.5K I ended up paying for it.

    • I’m actually working on it right now! Sorry for the delay, but due to my increased activity, I’ve had to address a few lacking features in the UI — some of which I either didn’t notice before, or have been forced to look at due to deprecated addons.

      I should have it uploaded soon.

      • How’s your UI comming along? I hate to bother you but I’m almost frothing at the mouth ~ 🙂 Any chance I could take a look at what you have now?

        Thanks ~


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