Just What I Needed

…another Spirit Beast, but I couldn’t let you guys have all the fun…

Skoll tamed

Even though taming Skoll is probably one of the last things I needed to do, I couldn’t resist. However, this will most likely be the last I see of him for awhile.

I just finished respeccing SV for raids, so now I just have to determine MM or SV for my PvP spec, and I’m good to go. In other words, farewell Beast Mastery…

After patch 3.2.2 ruined my joy of PvP as a Beast Master, I’d been kinda lost. I hadn’t really been available for raiding, so PvP was about all I wanted to do when I was logged on. My knee-jerk reaction to the Beast Mastery nerf was to abandon BM in favor of MM or SV for PvP, but… since I was already specced MM for raids, that would mean being sans Beast Mastery spec for the first time, like… ever… This made me sad in the pants.

So… I decided maybe I’d give BM a go for raiding, and wait to decide on my PvP spec. Reason being was, I just couldn’t imagine not being able to pull King Krush out of the stable once in a while to stretch his legs. He’s my favorite pet and he’s exotic, plus his coolness factor just rose considerably now that he’s become virtually impossible to solo-tame. Also, I’ve still yet to see another Hunter with him in-game… ever.

Since I had my two recently-made-available stable slots, I putted around Azeroth last week looking for some new companions. I put Skoll on my rounds just because I was bored and I still hadn’t seen him out in the wild. So, while tooling around the Storm Peaks a few nights ago, NPCScan starts going all wonky and then who do I see… you guessed it.

I had a pet with me, but since he was at his Bor’s Breath location, it was just a quick trip over to Frosthold to stable my pet. I flew back and tamed him up. Why, I don’t know, but I just had to do it. I’m hopeless I guess.

I have to say… he is pretty nice to look at in game. The aura around him looks great.

Too bad I can’t pull him out of the stable now. 😕

7 thoughts on “Just What I Needed”

  1. lol @ Whuumper

    Im in your realm, Ive ran a pug with you once or twice and you suck ass for the gear you have. Maybe spend less time farming for pets and more time learning why you fail?

  2. @ Whuumper

    Cracklin’ Rose you’re a store bought woman
    You make me sing like a guitar hummin’
    Hang on to me girl, our song keeps runnin on…

    Ah… what a great song.

    @ Moonras

    You’ll find him when you least expect it. If the camp becomes a grind, just take it easy for awhile. Only look for him when you’re doing dailies, etc.

    I never expected to find him like I did. Same with Gondria.

    Just remember… patience young Grasshopper.

  3. im so jealous!!! iv been camping skoll for four (4) days already and havent seen hide nor hair of him since monday morning… im beginning to become discouraged

  4. Since my last comment ,to date I have found 11 skolls.
    9 for others in fact thre is a whuump and Lil whuump some where in my realm.Tku for the compliment…Guys

    Whilst flyin over the basin one day,lo and behold I found Loq.The cat i spent weeks searching for.

    I gave up a skoll for him,then flew off to check the spawn spots for nuramoc.

    There ate spawn point three he was cruisin so my new Loq was dismissed…

    But no worries I still have 3 skoll left…

    No I am lookin for Skoll again for the new version of the name CracklingRosy…

    KraklynRosy- hope it fits in the character names sheet…

    I figure she crackels an in Bw she is kinda Rosy lookin,an the song fits me an her…

    So StaggerLee/BlueMoon,and Ranger will have a nw pup to play with…

    Sad to say I lost time lost 9 times so far,whilst campin…lol

    Great site …Whuumper…

  5. Congrats on Skoll!!

    As for raiding BM don’t give up yet. One of our SV hunters did some number crunching of his own and discovered that it would be only 50dps lower of his current SV build. He said he’s plans to test it out on the next raid. Either way I found that interesting and I’d thought I’d share. 🙂

    • Sorry Wulf… I’ve already given up. Krush’s swan song was a fight against Kologarn in 25 man Ulduar, where we actually did quite well. I believe I was number two in DPS for that fight, but I probably would have been first if my Devilsaur hadn’t bugged out after the right arm went down. It wasn’t until Kolo was around 25% that I realized my BM macro was only activating Kill Command. >.<

      I think BM will still be very strong for some fights, but overall it's still trailing. Kudos to those who choose to keep up the good fight and represent the spec, but I decided months ago to hop aboard the DPS train. 😉


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