Favorite WoW Memories

First WoW Screenshot
First time I found my screenshot button, circa March 2006.

To try and get myself back on track I figured why not pursue a subject where I won’t need to struggle so much for topic ideas. Discussing some of my most memorable moments over the years seems like a great concept, right?! I’ve got a lot of those, some of which many of you will relate to, and hopefully you will share some of your own as well.

Coincidentally, this week marks exactly 8 years since I first started playing. I’ve spent more time playing this game than I care to admit, but in that time I’ve enjoyed myself immensely, gotten to know some cool peeps, started a fun little hunter site, and experienced some really memorable moments in-game.

When I started reflecting on what were some of my favorite memories, a flood of ideas came to mind. I’m going to start off by sharing some favorite memories – in no particular order – then I’ll finish up with what I consider to be my all-time favorite moments. It’s impossible to rate all of them, but I’m pretty sure I can come up with 5 to 10 “best” memories.

I’ve already jotted down a few dozen, so expect this list to go on for awhile… 🙂

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