Last week when I conjured up the idea of showcasing specific Hunter talents over a one month period, I was thinking it’d be pretty easy.


My aim was to provide timely and useful content for my readers to enjoy, while also giving me an easy to manage gameplan. The past few weeks haven’t given me as much time to post, and when I would sit down to write, I’d spend maybe half an hour settling on a topic and/or idea.

I figured by highlighting specific subjects I was already familiar with, while also taking the guesswork out of coming up with things to post about, it would make updating the blog easy. The only time-saving measure is the predetermined topic, other than that, this talent guide is hard work!

Sit down in our thinking chair and think, think, think...In order to try and properly describe and review each talent, I have to sit down in my thinking chair. I’ve found that it would be very easy to devote an entire post to each talent, describing situations and builds where it would be useful. However, that would be a little overkill in my opinion.

Instead, my plan here is to describe talents and how they apply to practical builds. As I’ve said before, if any Hunters out there have any additional opinions on the outlined talents, contrasting or otherwise, please share.

The Hunter Talents Overview is intended to shed some light on specific talents for those that are not as familiar with the class. Experienced Hunterers may not get much out of these posts, as they are pretty fundamental. Yet, if you’re like me, then you may still enjoy reading other players’ takes on what talents they like and why.

While many players would prefer I just simply post the top specs for PvE and PvP, that’s not what my goal is here. My aim is to explain what the certain talents are, how they enhance the class and in what way(s).

Top DPS Hunter builds are subjective and situational anyway. They’re only the top DPS specs in the hands of one experienced at Huntering, and even then, the group composition and particular encounter can make for varying results.

I’ve seen SV Hunters with the supposed top spec, along with Valorous and Ilvl 213-226 gear hovering in the 2.5K range in 25 mans becuse they are clueless. If they chose to go with an easier to play spec such as BM, although it’s not the WTFPWNAGEUBERLEETBBQNUBSQQ raiding spec, they may find that the simpler shot priority could improve their DPS by 20% or more.

I like checking out other people’s specs, reading forum posts about the top builds etc, but let’s face it… somebody or somebodies had to come up with them. If we all go with the same spec(s) because that’s what some spreadsheet or player(s) say is the best, then the class does not move forward.

Some of the highest DPS Hunters I’ve inspected are not using cookie-cutter builds. *gasp*

Independent thinking, logic and individuality can play huge factors in how successful you are in the world,

and more importantly, in the…

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Anyway, what do you think of the talent overview so far?

3 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. This is great! I see myself as a “seasonsed” player also and so much information on the web is too old or designed for cookie cutter hunters. This is nice and refreshing. I am getting some new non-cookie cutter ideas to try with my hunter.

    Thanks for taking the time to work on this guide!

    p.s I am sorry that I can not add to the Blues Clues thread. I do not have kids to keep me informed. lol

  2. Hey Gar,

    I think you are doing a great job so far with this talent guide. As you know, I have a lvl 80 hunter and consider myself a “seasoned” player but reading through this guide, I have definitely learned a thing or two. I think that once you have finished your project, you will have a great wealth of info for hunters. I really like that you analyze each talent in regards to the 3 different talent spec specialization and also in regards to pve vs pve. Keep up the great work. Btw my kids watch Blues Clues too and we prefer Joe not Steve. Hahahaha.

    have a good one!

    – Hung


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