Patch 3.1 Goes Live Tomorrow (or Today Rather)!

WoW patch 3.1 tomorrow!

I’m pretty excited and I bet you are too. I mean, who wouldn’t be…

Dual-Specs, Ulduar, T8, Argent Tournament, Iron-Bound Proto Drakes, Sea Turtle Mounts, and…

we’ll no longer need flint and tinder to make campfires!!!

Honestly, when’s the last time you made a campfire? For me, it was probably back when I was like level 12 on my main.

Here’s my partial list of important stuff to do tomorrow:

  • File a 6 month income tax extension with the IRS. I was going to tackle it myslef, but it gets tricky when self-employed. I think I may need a little help.
  • Steal some gold from my wife’s account so that I can afford my Dual-Spec and new glyphs. If that doesn’t work, I’ll be blazing through Northrend completing dailies at a feverish pace ’til I have enough G. Raiding and PvP does not make for a wealthy Hunter.
  • Hit up the WoW, ArenaJunkies and Elitist Jerks forums to see what others are recommending spec-wise. I have ideas about where I want to go with my talents, but I’m so poor right now I don’t want to blow it even a little. Hell, maybe I’ll just check out specs right now before I hit the sack.
  • Swing by the Argent Tournament to see what that’s all about.
  • Sell my ammo pouch and get a Frostweave Bag. Having more inventory slots is definitely not going to suck.

BTW, I had my first bit of in-game fan adoration tonight since starting this blog. It was pretty cool to have someone message me while I was playing, telling me they enjoy the site. However, talking with them caused me to miss the roll on the Dragon Hide Bag from 25 man OS. 😐 It was my own damn fault though. I should have been paying closer attention to raid chat.

My rolls have been poop lately anyway, so I doubt I would have won it. I haven’t won a thing since Black Ice dropped a few months ago. I can’t catch a break I tell ya.

Good chatting with you tonight Wolfskin, and remember what I told ya… get yerself a Chimera. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

Alright, time to wrap up the post. I’m a bit sleepy after my long night of Huntering.

Time to go to bed and dream about all of the 3.1 goodness. Hopefully I won’t have nightmares about the rampant arson that will be occuring throughout Azeroth as a result of the reagentless campfire frenzy. 😮

5 thoughts on “Patch 3.1 Goes Live Tomorrow (or Today Rather)!”

  1. I know who I’m hitting up for a loan. 😉

    Blaquespell Savings and Loan to the rescue!

    I have a Druid that herbs but leveling is hard and makes my head hurt sometimes. He’s 73 atm.

    I guess I should just put my head down and trudge on to 77 for my Cold Weather Flying.

  2. You need an alt or something that can do Herbalism. Like a druid in flight form so you can pick flowers without changing shape. I too wanted to ensure the Dual Spec was paid for, so I made a regimen of picking 3 stacks of Adder’s Tongue per session. In the process of getting 3 stacks, I usually had at least 1-2 stacks of Goldclover/Dreadnettle, 2-3 Eternal Life and anywhere from 3-5 Frost Lotus. I set a goal of 1,000g because I had just used up all my cash for the epic flying training. In no time, I way over shot the 1,000g target by about 3,500g or so. Herb/Mining would be even better, but Sholozar is your bestest friend.


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