Talk About Close Calls!

How’s this for an edge of your seat, nail-biter of a finish. This screenshot is from a 25 Man Sartharion 1D PuG I was in on last night.

Heroic: Twilight Assist

The last Flame Wave took out a good portion of the raid, freeing the adds and dropping the MT. I watched in horror as Sartharion started one-shotting the six or so that were left, while only at about 175K.

175K…150K…125K…come on guys!…100K…75K…50K…oh no, it’s gonna be a wipe at .5%….25K…I can’t believe this!…12.5K…(gets ready to take the screenshot of the raid wiping with Sartharion at 2.5K health)…5K…2.5K…OMG!…DOWN!

Blackout should have gotten a “Last Man Standing” Achievement.

Now, let’s talk about how this fight sucks as a Hunter. I hate this fight, did I mention that?

I’ve never really taken the time to learn this encounter, so shame on me. I know I’m supposed to avoid the Flame Waves and Shadow Fissures, but I always seem to be getting knocked back or something right as a Flame wave hits. Also, I can never manage to keep my pet up for more than 50% of the fight.

I know I need to plan out my position and call my pet back while the Flame Waves are coming, but it always seems easier said than done. My first few times in here had gone really well, but ever since then I seem to fail at Flame Waves.

Ok, I’m off to now to watch some Obsidian Sanctum videos.


6 thoughts on “Talk About Close Calls!”

  1. Good tips SmashD. My pet(s) thank you.

    I also agree with Davlin concerning the dual spec, SV or MM advantage. I think there are going to be certain fights that are just not “pet friendly”. Relying on your own DPS in these cases would be better.

    Tiggy, I find Grobbulus to be another pet unfriendly fight as well, but nowhere near as bad as Kel or Sarth. Keeping Mend Pet up, along with Heart of the Phoenix usually gets me through Grob alright. I imagine it’d be extremely difficult to keep a non-BM pet in combat and alive during this fight.

  2. I’m getting better at this. For Sarth, firstly make sure your pet is on passive. Then when you hear him shout ‘Run away little girl’, recall your pet straight away, and then start running to safe spot (to give your pet maximum time to get there). If your pet is on defensive it will likely pick up aggro somewhere on the way back from adds and get fatally waylaid. Once there, you also have to tweak your position so that when your pet is by your side, he is also out of passing flames – it’s a bit narrow to both be standing side on. For flames coming from the right I find right on the near edge of the island easiest to find position, and just run 10 yards in for gap between flames on left. Then send him back in (taking care he doesn’t pick up any stray adds not being offtanked), chew face, then repeat.. Hope that maybe saves a few pet lives!

  3. As a hunter I’m not fond of Sarth either. I find that binding my keys to /petfollow and /petattack are the only things that help and I still lose my pet at least three times, if from confusion over vent “NORTH, err, I mean SOUTH!” or from just not being able to coordinate my lazy hands to move to bound buttons that I don’t normally need. This might actually be a good fight for hunter dual specs, we could switch to marksman and maybe not be too hindered by the pet dying.

  4. Found another boss I can’t keep my pet alive on – Grobulus. Hwr, as I’ve just gone SV, it doesn’t really matter! So far I’m finding SV is soo much easier for most boss fights than BM!

  5. I did it yesterday with a PUG and 2 tanks. We got wiped 3 times. I was going to call it when 2 DPS left the group (1200DPS was too low) and we got a new tank and a new DPS. This time we did it with no deaths :).

  6. Congrats on downing Sarth with 1D. I haven’t tried this with 1D yet, so I’m not familiar with the positioning.

    In regular mode I usually position myself in the back in the “safe” area for that wave. That way I only have to worry about moving forward. Also we usually have someone on wave duty calling out which direction to move.

    Remember the waves and the gaps within the waves are always in the same place. You just need to keep an eye out on the periphery to see when the waves start churning. You’ll get there.

    As far as keeping the pet alive, I’m still struggling with that as well.


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