How Ironic

After 4+ months of sorely neglecting this blog, I finally decided today to get my act together and begin the resurrection. Not like I’m gearing for anything big, but I’ve been feeling for a long time that I need to start posting at least semi-regularly, and to hopefully get a few others to contribute now and then. After all, over the years I’ve put a lot of effort into this site, and I’ve hated that it’s been seemingly abandoned, even though I’ve not quit the game – I’ve just become extremely casual. Like, sometimes playing once every 6 weeks casual, but…I’m still here!

So anyway…while working on my long winded update, I visited a few of my favorite sites, including the WHU. That’s when I saw this post. I have to admit, I was a little shocked, but not. No one has contributed more of their passion, time and effort to the hunter community, not even BRK. I always marveled at how Brian (aka Frostheim) was able to maintain that level of dedication and enthusiasm, while contributing to WoWInsider, WHU, managing the WHH, producing all of those fantastic videos, AND appearing in the Hunting Party podcast week after week.

Madness, I tell you.

Back when I launched this site there were some really good hunter blogs around, with authors like: BRK, Pike, Brigwyn, Larissa, Drotara, Mania, etc… After awhile, most all of those bloggers called it quits. Coincidentally, Huntsman’s Lodge was starting to become a blip on player’s radars. Around the time I recorded the first solo-taming of King Krush, back in early Wrath, the site really started to take off. As more of the veteran bloggers began to retire, I thought, wow…Huntsman’s Lodge is going to become the most visited hunter blog out there!

Then one day I stumbled on this website…

The WHU launched only a few weeks after I began this site, which happened to be right during the pre-Wrath WoW blog boom. Being an SEO myself, I initially saw the WHU as competition – compromising my slice of the pie. 😉 Like the WHU, Huntsman’s Lodge was also begun as an exercise to enhance my understanmding of SEO & internet marketing.

Although Frostheim’s site quickly became the number one hunter resource on the web, I feel that our co-existence benefited the hunter community greatly – at least during Wrath. I lost all momentum in Cataclysm and haven’t really tried to do anything since, but during 2009 & 2010, the WHU pushed me to make this site even better than it probably would have been had that site not been around.

In my opinion, the WarcraftHuntersUnion was and is probably the greatest WoW class resource that has ever existed. I hope that the site keeps chugging along, but I am kinda sad to see Frostheim retire, but who knows…BRK did eventually return, if only for awhile.

Anyway folks…I thought his announcement was wildly ironic considering I finally decided to take action this afternoon to try and get back to hunter blogging. I was sitting at my desk watching the live stream of WordCamp SF 2013 thinking, man…I have really got to resurrect Huntsman’s Lodge. Weird.

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