Ghostly Pet Hunting in Patch 5.1

Among the 37 new pet looks added in Patch 5.1, 8 of them are unique-rare ghostly models. Where can you find these phantom beasties, you ask..? Undead country, of course.

All of the new ghostly rares are found in either Tirisfal Glades or the Plaguelands. If you’re into one-of-a-kind-pets – especially translucent ones – then you may want to give this post a read…

Ghostly Rare Pets in Patch 5.1

Apart from Spirocula, I didn’t actually tame any of these pets; however, I don’t believe there are any kooky taming mechanics to worry about, as these are by no means taming challenge pets. I mainly wanted to set out after them to get a first-hand look at the new pet models, and to verify their existence and locations for you fine folks. 🙂

Alright…so here’s a guidebook to help you on your ghostly pet hunt…

Eastern Plaguelands

The Eastern Plaguelands is home to 4 of the new ghostly rares. Here is a map showing their locations…

Patch 5.1 Ghostly Rare Pets Map - Eastern Plaguelands
Ghost pet sightings in the Eastern Plaguelands

Spirocula – Level 40 Worm

Spirocula is a ghostly white worm who creeps around in a pit just SW of Light’s Hope Chapel. Although he’s only level 40, keep in mind that he is exotic, so you’ll need to be a BM Hunter who’s at least level 69 in order to tame this exotic beast.

The pit in the background is where he lurks around.

I like this re-skinned version of the classic worm model.


Snort – Level 41 Saber Worg

Heading SW from Spirocula’s stomping grounds, you’ll encounter Snort – a ghostly brown Saber Worg. He can be found taking a nap on the south shore of Lake Mereldar.

Snort, rare Saber Worg in Patch 5.1
A sleeping Snort

He’s hostile, so he’ll aggro if you get too close…

Snort doesn’t like his nap disturbed

Fene-mal – Level 41 Carrion Bird

Fene-mal is a ghostly white Outland model Carrion Bird who hangs out in the center of the zone. Fene-mal flies around in a circle above the ruins of an old house near Blackwood Lake.

Fene-mal flying above the ruins near Blackwood Lake

Fene-mal is a pretty nice looking bird. Here’s a closer look…


Varah – Level 43 Boar

Varah can be found standing atop a pile of bones in Terrordale, which is located in the NW part of the zone. He’s frickin’ huge, so he’s pretty easy to spot if he’s out.

Varah at his spawn location in Terrordale

He shrinks down after taming, of course, but beforehand he’s a massive Hogzilla.

That’s a lot of diseased bacon

There’s a look at the ghostly unique rares to be found in the EPL.

The next stop on our tour is…

Western Plaguelands

Heress – Level 39 Carrion Bird

Heress can be found flying around the woods – just NW of Felstone Field.

Heress Spawn Location Map - Western Plaguelands
Heress Spawn Location Map – Western Plaguelands

Heress is a ghostly yellow Outland edition carrion bird that looks a lot like Spiteflayer — the only difference being that Heress is partially see-through.

Heress flying around near Felstone Field

Given that Spiteflayer is the only other bird that shares this model, the ghostly version is a very unusual look. I’m not a huge fan of the mutant two-headed vultures, but I’m actually kinda liking this one.


Heress is the only ghostly new rare beastie in Western Plaguelands, so now we head to…

Tirisfal Glades

3 of the new ghostly unique rares can be found in Tirisfal Glades. None of them are exotic and all 3 are low level – making them great catches for little undead hunterlings.

Rare Ghost Pets Map - Tirisfal Glades
Patch 5.1 ghostly pet locations in Tirisfal Glades

Plague – Level 8 Demon Dog

Plague can be found sleeping in a stall inside the barn at Garren’s Haunt.

Plague Fast Asleep
Plague grabbing some z’s

Plague is basically a ghostly version of the blue darkhounds in Tirisfal Glades.


Nighthowl – Level 9 Saber Worg

Nighthowl is a dark grey Saber Worg who spawns just west of Agamand Mills. If he’s out, you’ll finding him sitting like a statue near the edge of the cliffs.

Quick…staring contest. Me and you now.

Like a lot of these new rares, he’s jumbo size and easy to spot – even if he is semi see-through.

Kickin’ it with my dog, Nighthowl

Bonechewer – Level 7 Carrion Bird

Bonechewer is a ghostly blue vulture who flies around the tower at Scarlet Palisade.

Bonechewer circling the tower

He’s the standard carrion bird model, so he basically looks like a phantom version of Vultros.


Ok, so that’s it for the ghostly unique rare pets that were introduced in this most recent patch. I hope this guide helps you with your rare pet hunting efforts. 😉

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  1. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your website.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme?
    Great work!

  2. Popped into the barn and met up with the hunter who just tamed the plague dog, wasnt too impressed with the dog, meh, so headed over to where NightHowl hangs and got him instead! Nice look and semi transparent dark brown worg. I like him just fine and in retrospect, glad i got him instead of the plague dog.

  3. Popped into the barn and met up with the hunter who just tamed the plague dog, wasnt too impressed with the dog, meh, so headed over to where NightHowl hangs and got him instead! Nice look and semi transparent dark brown worg. I like him just fine and in retrospect, glad i got him instead of the plague dog.

  4. Hey, guys! Just wanted to check back in with you and let you know that I have now tamed all of these guys on Dragonblight. Varah was by far the hardest to tame- I had to wait nearly three hours to catch him. I had to camp roughly an hour to catch Spirocula, and maybe twenty minutes to catch Fene’mal.

    Was it worth it?

    Only in the sense that it will help prepare me for my eventual spirit beast hunt. =) Otherwise, I’d say just grab them if they happen to be there. There are plenty of ghost pets to be had out there, and all of these species have at least one more to find other than Plague, and he’s super common anyway.

  5. Yeah, the Tirisfal Glade ghost rares seem to respawn at least once an hour (ditto for Heress) but Varah seems to have a three hour spawn timer or so. I got to his site at 11:16 this morning, and he didn’t respawn until 1:47. I would assume there’s a similar spawn time on the other ghost beasts in the WP.

  6. I’m new to the hunter class and so started off taming the beasts in Tirisfal Glade. I know they’re supposed to be rare, but they simply aren’t. I managed to these and a few other rares in the vicinity, and they were all there as soon as I arrived. No camping or return journeys. My personal favourites of the new additions so far are Nighthowl and Shadowstalker.

  7. I managed to tame all three of the ghost beasties in the Forsaken starting area. I think the Vulture is my favorite, as he looks the most “Ghost-like.” They’ll make great substitutes until I can find a Spirit Beast! =)

  8. None of these really appeal to me sadly, at least not the way spirit beasts do or enough to make me delete any that i have already. Unfortunately, I think the monk got the coolest pet design for this expansion.

  9. Far far too many good pets out there! I have a good stock of ghost-pets myself but your pointers may help me swap out a few of the remaining non-ghost/spirits. Thanks!


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