Gib the Banana-Hoarder

Patch 5.1 has brought with it a whole zoo of new rare pets, including some unique rares. One of the most sought after rare pets in Patch 5.1 is this little guy…

Gib the Banana-Hoarder

Gib the Banana-Horder
Who can resist taming a monkey wearing a Fez..? Not I.

Gib can be found lurking in the wilds within the Swamp of Sorrows. To my knowledge, he has only one place where he likes to hang out, which is in a small little alcove at the western edge of the zone (coordinates: 17,47).

Gib the Banana-Hoarder Spawn Location Map
Gib’s Spawn Location in Swamp of Sorrows

He’s pretty easy to spot if he is out and about, and he does not patrol. I don’t know what sort of spawn timer he’s on, but it’s reported to be at least 3 hours.

Gib the Banana-Hoarder in Swamp of Sorrows
Gib the Banana-Hoarder

Gib is a popular pet – mainly due to him being one of the few pets that accessorizes (and I’m pretty sure the only hat-wearer) – plus he’s a monkey, which is a popular choice for PvP. Therefore, he not only looks amusing, but his Bad Manner ability makes him a practical choice as well.

I expect that Gib will be one of the most popular taming targets for hunters in Patch 5.1, so expect a little competition if you haven’t been lucky enough to grab him yet.

Also…I almost forgot to mention…Gib can be paired with the Darkmoon Monkey pet for added fun factor. 😉 Yet another reason why certain hunters will want him.

Gib the Banana-Hoarder with Darkmoon Monkey
Gib with the Darkmoon Monkey

2 thoughts on “Gib the Banana-Hoarder”

  1. Cute blog! Thanks for sharing such helpful tips. I was able to find the napping ghost wolf & fez monkey without too much effort yesterday. 🙂

  2. Bad Manner actually isn’t as good as the Crane Lullaby because it has a cast time whereas Lullaby is instant. Sure, 0.5 seconds isn’t a lot, but in terms of CC in PvP, it’s pretty crucial. Plus, I’ve actually seen good PvPers interrupt/silence my monkey in a duel. Bad Manner also isn’t as good as the Basilisk’s Petrifying Gaze because Petrifying Gaze can’t be dispelled as it acts as a mini-cyclone and the target can’t receive heals either.


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