Seriously…don’t be this guy

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I'm pretty freakin' tired of this guy

Normally I just ignore these idiots, but the other night I decided to take a moment to armory this player so I could evaluate the source of this rude generalization.

It’s not like this guy did nothing to try and help us win…he assaulted two bases (although I’m not sure how commendable that is when you play a stealth class) – and bless his heart…he did do a lil’ bit of damage.

I mean… he could have maybe just been one of those highly skilled, undergeared, overachieving experienced PvP’ers. That’s the sort of player you might expect would berate their entire team, considering their less than stellar contribution to the BG effort.

…Not a guy wearing ilvl 375 gear, with 4k resilience and playing what’s arguably the most overpowered DPS class in PvP at the moment, i.e., Feral Druid.

…Not someone with a personal best 1,634 arena rating, with a whopping 849 matches under their belt. Did I mention this guy plays Feral Druid..?

…Not a player who’s group queueing with an arena teammate, along with another player from his server.

In case you’re wondering, there was nothing ever said directly to me, nor do I know this player. It’s not like I have a vendetta against this particular person — I’m just really fed up with this guy.

Seriously people… I don’t care how good you think you are, don’t be this guy.

No one likes this guy.

Any of you ever encounter this guy before..?

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  1. My first time posting here, but I just had to after reading this ๐Ÿ˜€

    It doesnt matter which side your on “that guy” is always there, if he could = play as well as he THINKS he does, then he could solo any BG. Unfortunately though, he sucks as bad as the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh, and his other line, “this is only an alt, my main has an arena ranking of a bazillion” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It’s funny I always run into “that guy”. The thing I love about him is 9 times out of 10 he’s at the bottom of the charts. I’ve been leveling my druid through pvp and I was in an Arathi Basin and we’re doing good it’s a tight match but this guy asks “Does all Alliance suck at PvP?” I replied with “Only the ones that contribute less and bitch the most. If you don’t like it faction change, wait a little longer for a queue and when you’re in a losing BG listen to someone like yourself complain that Horde sucks at PvP.” Oh and I love when 2 minutes in “that guy” is talking about just letting them 5 cap. And be aware that “this guy” isn’t just in bgs he also runs in ZA and ZG too. We were running ZA and we down the first boss with 15 minutes left on the timed run the lowest dps on the chart was 13.5k dps. this guy says “We don’t have the dps for the timed run so we’re going to just sit here for a minute.” Really?! They should have a test that you have to take before choosing a realm that would weed out “elitists” and send them all to the same server and it would be disconnected from all other servers.

  3. The guy I’ve been running into in BGs recently is the guy who berates everyone for not following his commands. For example, last weekend another hunter and I played a few AB games with the idea that we would roll with the team to take either the mill or mine and then (once everyone else moved on to the next target) we would hide in camoflauge and then bushwhack the unsuspecting hordies that came trying to assault our base.

    We were having a BLAST taking complete advantage of the element of surprise and doing really well holding bases against nubmers because of all the CC we had between the two of us and our ferocious pets. Then out of nowhere “that guy” starts calling us out by name saying “I told EVERYBODY to go to the BS and you guys are still at the mine! Get with the program or get out!” I calmly pointed out to him that we hadn’t lost our position yet so he should just mind his own business. That lead to a prfanity laced tirade about how “this is why the Alliance fails” and why “there should be a vote-to-kick for BGS” blah, blah, blah!!!

    I REALLY was wishing there was a way you could flag a same-faction toon as hostile to you and just lay them out! Ah well, we had fun despite that fun-sucking windbag.

  4. THIS GUY eh… find it funny that I spent 3 weeks talking about both “THIS GUY” and “THAT GUY” before I just stopped pvping. And then he showed up in randoms as well, not fond of that at all. Bear tanks claiming that the dps in the group sucks because they out dps everyone on trash pulls.
    But alas, no side is free of THIS GUY or THAT GUY. I have played both alliance and horde. faction changed and now server change, and it seems… he follows you wherever you go. The last Battlegrounds i remember with THIS GUY in it, was Arathi Basin. We captured stables and moved onto lumber mill, and that is where he preceded to stay and bark orders the whole match. eventually after being 4 caped less that 5 minutes into the match he starts saying everyone sucks and to let “horde win” because “it’s already over”. THIS GUY turned into THAT GUY. Lets pretend its a coincidence. Unless your REALLY the only person carrying the team, i would hope not to see you in my game again… I pay per month to play the game not get grieved.

  5. THIS GUY seems to always be in 1 of 3 of my randoms.
    -Funny thing is THIS GUY is almost always fighting in the road or middle…
    -Funny thing is THIS GUY is the one that uses the “THIS GUY has reported you afk please type /afk to remove afk status” emote macro and then calls “FAIL” because4-5 players are at base because they just replaced the afks and tells everyone to report the new ones afk because they are still at base…
    -Funny thing is THIS GUY is always…well I could go on forever with THIS GUY lol

    I play Alliance, thats where all my friends were when i started and I’d have to say at least in Ruin Battlegroup we have Darrwyns Horde groups..

    The only thing I hate more than THIS GUY is…. THAT GUY! whom always says just let them win QQ

  6. Both Horde and Alliance have “this guy” but my experience has been similar too Darrwyn’s. I’ve found the Alliance side “guy” not to come out as often. Again this is just my experience.

    I hate when “this guy” calls “fail” 15 seconds into the BG. I do love it when we prove him wrong but unfortunately comments like that can unravel everyone.

  7. Nice article ๐Ÿ™‚
    This remember me… ehmm… every day when I do some BGs… even when I do two or three or when I’m queueing the whole day, I almost always hit at least one BG with THIS GUY ๐Ÿ™‚
    I can accept when THE GUY is the highest in the table or so… but hate when he is in the lower half of table and screaming on all of us how we suck.
    But I like the moment when they leave BG, unfortunately it’s not so often ๐Ÿ™‚

    Other thing which I don’t like is when we are losing and someone start to scream to let horde win (I can understand that we can faster queue for other BG, but I just don’t like loosing without trying).

    • It always cracks me up when ‘this guy’ continually threatens to leave the BG because it’s full of ‘bads’, but ends up sticking around because they probably enjoy berating their teammates more than winning, even. Of course, sometimes ‘this guy’ will leave the group which then causes me to scratch my head because they just gave themselves the deserter debuff.

      I mean, if they’re ‘that good’ you’d think they’d stick around and be a game changer. Nope…

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, that is what puzzles me the most. When he is screaming how big noobs we are (again last evening happens to me on lower levels ๐Ÿ™‚ ) why the heck he doesn’t offer some better tactics, strategy or encourage other ppl to try harder or to do something else and in better way. I mean, we all began somehow, even he. But maybe that is his trauma from his beginning ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Well damn Sub20, I read your post and had an urge to get in touch with my inner child. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve refrained as I think it’s probably illegal.

  9. Both Horde and Alliance BG groups actually have “that guy”. There is no escape. If your team even shows a slight hint of losing, they will start to cry as if the continent is breaking apart all around them and their pet kitty has just been swallowed up by a fissure that appeared under the kitchen table.

    Some people call them “hardcore”. Others call them “elitist”. I call them “hardcore elitist exclusivists” because if you’re not a Feral Druid or Blood DK with 2.k arena rating, you are apparently a noob. Heaven help you if you don’t meet their standards because you won’t have any right to be in the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

    Sometimes those guys used to be well-meaning, though. The real problem with PUGs is that there’s almost no sense of strategy going around. So some of them keep shouting “do this and that” and when their cries go ignored, they rage. The innate desire to win at all costs is so strong that if the desire isn’t met it’s followed by a temper tantrum. Then they carry that unmet expectation into every battleground and soon it spirals out of control. Talk about being a bunch of spoiled kids.

    This extremely funny link says it all: ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Great link, Gryzor. Thanks for sharing that.

      The Howler Monkey and Mr. Negative are players I’m all too familiar with. Many of the other ones were spot on descriptions as well. That list is a crack up.

  10. My experience in BGs has been as a Horde hunter, mage, shaman, paladin, warrior, rogue and warlock… as you can see, I’ve tried a few different classes. The overwhelming view of PvP in MY experience has been that “Horde sucks”, that there is only one player in any BG who knows what EVERY ONE ELSE should be doing, that if anyone actually wants to win they should ROLL AN Alliance TOON, and all that ALL battlegrounds are designed to be strategically and tactically advantageous to Alliance. Oh yeah, and that only one guy in the BG knows how to play and every one else SUCKS!

    Recently I rolled a Worgen and therefore an Alliance toon (to play with my daughter and she likes Worgens). To give my lone Alliance Worgen some company, I also rolled a Pally and a Hunter on the same server…. and they have levelled to the degree I have started (still low level) running some BGs.

    By and large, my limited experience in Alliance BGs team has so far been positive. There has only been ONE of the guys Garwulf has highlighted SO FAR. Maybe when I’ve been in as many Alliance Teams as I have Horde teams I’ll report differently, but I’m happier in my BGs as a Alliance that I have ever been as a Horde.

    Yes, gar, I was sick and tired of THAT guy too… and I spend my BG time fighting not typing so I’ll never be like him… (But that don’t mean I wont suck, but that’s another issue….)


    • My BG experience as a horde hunter has been very similar to your experience as an Alliance Worgen. I think that’s mostly due to a few things, however.

      For one, I am still leveling which means that my BG teammates are usually less pumped up and hostile, since most of them are just farming BGs for experience and a little honor. Second, I have far fewer BGs under my belt as a horde (~170K collective HKs as an alliance, as opposed to 6k as a horde). More BGs = more opportunities to run into ‘this guy’.

      Lastly… Cabrรณn doesn’t believe in losing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Yeah all the time. Just did an entire post in your illustrious PvP forum about my virgin six weeks in PvP and this guy/gal/it. Didn’t have nifty screenshots but the song looks familiar.

    • Queueing with friends and guildies is the best, but I never get to do that anymore. No one seems to be around when I’m on. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe once I get our guild back on its feet I can start doing some rated BGs. Until then…I’ll have to continue to put up with players like the one featured in my post.


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