Hunter Minimum Range

Will be a thing of the past..!

So will melee weapons. Also, Hunters will be the only class to utilize bows, crossbows and guns!

More Hunter info coming up…

The amount and sheer magnitude of the updates and announcements going on at BlizzCon is staggering.

I’m sitting here watching the DTV PPV event and screen capping the important bits on my Virtual Ticket – planning to post some of the noteworthy stuff here on the site. About 30mins ago I decided there’s just far too much info coming in to try and touch on all of it.

I’ll still be posting and updating existing posts with additional info, but yeah… omg… this new expansion is going to be INSANE!


8 thoughts on “Hunter Minimum Range”

  1. My hunter is only an alt but I’ve always though the minimum range was the way it should be.
    We have a Rifle or Bow I challenge you to take either one and stand 6 inches from someone and pull it up and shot them. At best you might hit a foot/leg it you do get it leveled and pointing the end of the barrel or tip of the arrow is already past what you want to hit.

    So if ranged weapon can hit from 0 range then wouldn’t it only be fair if melee attacks can hit from ranged?

    • This is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Don’t ever compare a fantasy game to real life and think you have a valid argument. The only reason hunters have ever had a dead zone was for pvp balance, removing melee is what will balance this out.

  2. lets have all casters have no time reduction or interupts to they casts then. There is no safe zone against hunter anymore. I can see videos coming where hunter kills warrior on toe to toe fight at minimum range. Imagine hunter running around mage that tries to cast fireball and constantly nuking the mage that can only use instant casts against you. Now i save my blink to get near the hunter so i may get 1 frostbolt off. but in future i save it to get the fuck away from hunters and run home crying like a baby and cursing them to the depths of hell! They prob just use disengage to catch me and spam /pity macro when they humiliate me pushing the arrow between my eyes and relasing it still able to penetrate my skull yelling ” UUUUUNNLIIIMITEEED POOOOOOWEEEEEEEEERR”

  3. Finally! Years and Years of begging is finally answered! Min range was one of the worst mechanics I’ve every experienced. I cannot WAIT for this change.

  4. Oh sweet, sweet joy! No more minimum range.
    And no more running around with a goofy stick on my back.
    O M G! Color me crazy happy!


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