25 Man Vault of Archavon

Damage Done for 25 Man VoALast night I stuck around after the Wintergrasp victory to join a 25 man VoA run. I didn’t get lucky with the loots, but I did have good fortune with the damage meters. Thankfully there were no Survival Hunters in our raid group to make me look bad. :mrgreen: Being that this was my very first 25 man in WotLK, I was pleasantly surprised with my results.

I didn’t top the DPS chart, but I did eek past the top DPSers for the number one spot for Damage Done. I narrowly edged out a very well geared Arcane Mage for the top slot.

The StatisticsMy shot rotation was manual and I basically threw everything I had at him when it was up. I also threw in some Aimed Shots while on the run avoiding the clouds, cave-ins and spikes. My self-buffs included: Blackened Dragonfin and an Elixir of Mighty Agility. Sadly, I was not using any Mammoth Cutters or I might have pulled away from the pack.

I’m sort of enjoying this new underdog spec. I love Beast Mastery and I’d rather find ways to increase my beloved spec’s damage rather than hop on the Survival bandwagon. Seems so backwards now. Anyway, I’m just keepin’ it real is all. 😉

I can’t believe I just started doing VoA this past week. I have seriously been depriving myself of easily obtainable gear.

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