Disappearing Act

Sorry for disappearing from the site for several days, but as some of you may have experienced… I tend to do this on occasion when the RL starts to overwhelm and monopolize my time.

I had become buried with work projects, not to mention preparing for a 9 day, 2.3K mile road trip vacation which I just returned home from yesterday. I’d meant to post a note about my absence, but I was even too busy for that!

At any rate… I am back in the saddle, recharged and ready to start banging away on the site once again. I’m still needing to get caught up with work-related stuff, but I should have some time to crank out a few new posts, as well as update a few guides here and there. Most importantly though… I need to make available an updated version of my UI package. I’ve been promising this for weeks, but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and make the final adjustments, prepare it for uploading, etc…

It is my first order of business, however, and I am going to make an effort to have it up this week. 😀

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