PvP or PvE?

This is entry #19 in the 30 days of WarCraft series of articles.

Those of you familiar with the blog probably know the answer to this one.

Yep… you guessed it… PvP.

I do enjoy many PvE elements of WoW (e.g., raiding, hunting down rare pets, questing, etc…) but PvP has always been far and away my favorite aspect of the game. Ever since I tried my first BG – at around level 38 or so – I’ve been hooked on PvP. There’s nothing quite like playing against actual ‘people’.

As soon as I caught the PvP bug, I’ve been a BG rat ever since. As a hardcore casual, I’ve…

  • Reached rank 10 in the ‘old school’ PvP system.
  • Achieved 100K honor kills.
  • Achieved the Justicar title.
  • Twinked out hunters in the following brackets: 10-19, 20-29, 30-39 & 40-49.
  • Competed in several scheduled and rated 10-19 WSG battles.
  • Achieved Silverwing Sentinel on my 19 hunter within a few months.

PvP is where it’s at for me. 😀

I like how PvP doesn’t require a huge commitment in terms of scheduling or time investment. I can log in… play in a couple of BGs… have a good time, and in little time I’ll have upgraded gear. If I can’t make it on for a few days – it doesn’t matter… no one is depending upon me to be there. I play when I want, and for how long I want. Best part is… I have a blast doing it, and I acquire upgraded gear in the process. 🙂

Now I know that in order to get the choice PvP gear you need to involve yourself in scheduled, organized play (e.g., rated BGs and arena), but even then I feel the investment to reward ratio is much higher than in PvE. In order to obtain best-in-slot PvE gear, one needs to spend an absurd amount of hours in this game to achieve their goal… as a hunter, this goal is ‘best-possible DPS’.

As a PvP’er, I can spend a fraction of that time to acquire decent gear and also achieve my main goal… ‘having fun’. Even when I do compete in arena, I only spend maybe an hour or two with it per week at best.

To me, raiding becomes ‘work’, where as PvP always feels like ‘play’.

I know there are many other fun aspects of PvE, and that raiding is merely one of them, but I use it in this example because I consider it to be the high point of PvE play. If you enjoy questing, role-playing, leveling alts, etc… those are really fun PvE activities as well!

For me, though… it’s PvP all the way.

Anyway, which style of play do you guys enjoy most..? PvE or PvP?

11 thoughts on “PvP or PvE?”

  1. I hate pvp with a vengeance, anywhere, anytime, any way.
    It always devolves into harassment, griefing, ganking lower level players who can’t defend themselves, portal camping, and everything else that makes it a bad experience unless you’re a hardcore pvp’er with all the maxed out gear for your zone and tons and tons of experience (years, in a game as old as WoW) at it so you know all the tricks and cheats that allow you to kill a newcomer before they even know where they ended up.

    Add the inevitable drama (even within factions and guilds) that comes with wanting to ensure noone else has access to that highend gear (harder in WoW, what with instanced dungeons and some of it being sold by regular vendors, but AH manipulation is still possible and no doubt happening by the ultrarich to ensure good stuff disappears before anyone less affluent can buy it at a decent price), and it’s just not the experience I look for.

    I like the occasional dungeon, questing, testing my skills against successively harder targets (maybe try to solo that heroic for a laugh?), far more than being one-hit by someone who’s spent years collecting all the best gear and experience the moment I materialise in zone and being laughed at for being too n00bish by those supposedly my allies.

  2. I personally do a little of both at least on my hunter. I do not do raids to many elitist that irratate me so not worth it to me. i love to level characters and professions. I just raised my pally to 525 BS in about 5 days. working on a warrior and a rogue on my regular server. but i am also leveling a horde hunter on a friends server. hoping this time i do it right and not have to spend 2.5 years to figure it out. (lol) i love to do dungeons and tankingon my pally though.

  3. Since vanilla it was always about PvE/Raiding for me. However, as time went on this became somewhat of a bone of contention between my missus (she camme about after 3 years of playing) and me; it got to the point where it was either her or the game. Needless to say, she won. Well, until I moved away for work for 18 months, where WoW filled the long, lonely nights.

    Now that I have moved back in with her, I’ve, ehem, ‘stopped playing WoW’. What I actually mean is, I work from home and play during the day and my little lady is none the wiser. That said, it means I can no longer commit myself to my guilds raid times (the evenings , when she’s in…. tut).

    I had always dabbled in a bit of PvP but I decided to totally immerse myself in the art of kicking someone’s pixelated arse. And do y’na what? I chuffin’ love it. I can BG when I want, pick up Arenas/RBG with relative ease during the day and still have the ability to kit myself out in new gear.

    Do I miss the camaraderie of downing a new boss? A little. Do I love high-fiving with my arena partner over the pwnd corspes of the opposing team? Totally!

  4. Yep, I can jump into a battleground anytime I feel like it, I don’t need to wait around for others. I find that I enjoy them a lot more on my lowbies than I do at 85 though, it just seems more sporting and more fun. And I agree with what Takaas said about the RP aspect, as a night elf I really enjoy defending Warsong Gulch from those dirty orcs 😉

  5. I play mostly PVE but on a PVP server. I do a fair number of BGs and join random 2s teams for points and gear. On my server the Alliance vs Horde rivally is fairly intense and if you meet a hordie while questing, generally it means a fight……but there are occasions when cooperation takes place. Our guild has an intense PVP rivallry with a particular Horde guild and it’s all out war when we meet.

    In the end I guess I like PVE a bit better….but I do enjoy the PVP aspects of the game. I have an alt toon in the WHU guild on Icecrown …which is a “normal” PVE server and I have to say that it’s pretty weird for me not to be always looking over my shoulder for that sneaking horde rogue 😀

  6. I like PvE because I like questing. I’m not devoted to the gear grind like a lot of people are. I can’t stand asshat dungeon groups. Not a single one of my 5 max lvl toons has done all of the cata dungeons. 3 have done none at all. I don’t pay my monthly subscription fee to zone into a dungeon and get berated and put down because I’m not as leet as the next guy. Screw that.

    I do enjoy PvP but MY GOD are the people on my server whiny bichez when a BG starts to go the wrong way. Everyone calling each other names. People leaving the BG before the fight is over. Ugh! I wouldn’t mind if I lost every time I set a virtual foot into a BG if it meant my team would just have a good time doing it.

    It saddens me in a way that the more time goes by, the more I enjoy the solitary aspects of what is potentially a wonderfully social game. Ah well.

  7. PVP all the way. I just raid one night a week casually, so only have 2 bosses down. The bulk of my time is spent in arena and RBGs. Getting that PVP bow this week was such a great feeling. I definitely have more fun with PVP. Nothing I’ve ever done in PVE can compare to the feeling of chain cc’ing a team with a better comp for a quick kill, and watching the remaining enemy players just stop in awe.

  8. It’s almost exclusively PVP for me these days. I love being able to get on, do some bgs and whatever else I want to do, pretty much when I want to do it. I look forward to rated bgs when I hit 85 but I won’t miss raiding and the interminable waiting around it entails.

    Also the contest between myself and real human behind the enemy toon I’m battling with is less predictable and therefore more enjoyable (win or lose) than anything I encounted in PVE content.


  9. I personally prefer PvP more than PvE but since I’m more experienced in PvE, I get BiS pre-raid gear first before hitting the random unrated battlegrounds. If I somehow manage to fit in 7 random Zul’ heroics in my high school freshman schedule of track tryouts (and hopefully track practice if I make it), multiple clubs, and honor classes, then I run random battlegrounds in my leftover time.

  10. PvE. I like to role play and have a lot of story behind my character. Part of the role play usually involves some instance runs, etc. I love interacting with all the different races in the guild I’m in. It’s rather interesting when my character gets around the elves in the guild, as a troll he doesn’t really care for them much and only associates with them because they are part of the Horde.
    I have also invested a lot of time in PvP as well though. I’ve managed to get the Conquerer title and 100k kills.


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