…I’d like to get some input from you if I could. It’s been over a month now since I named the winners. I imagine most of you have had a chance to play around with the addon for awhile..? Have you enjoyed the guides? Have they made questing easier? Were you able to burn through […]

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We Have Some Winnahs!

by Garwulf on February 4, 2011 · 14 comments

A few hours ago I selected the winners for the Zygor Guides contest. During my highly complex & scientific, yet random selection process… two entries resulted in a draw, so there were actually six winners! I’ve notified Zygor Guides of the winners, as well as the winners themselves. So, if you were one of the […]


Day One of the Second Year In The Warchief’s Charge It has been a long, cold journey to Northrend… Many of the soldiers on the journey with me have been severely frostbitten. A troll named Tar’jit fell asleep in the bottom of the zeppelin, never to awake. He had died of hypothermia. I spoke with […]


…for… Huugg! Huugg was the big winner in this past week’s Celestial Steed Mount Contest. Like I said yesterday, this was no easy choice for me. Truth be told, I had 4 for consideration, with 3 of the entries as winners during various times of the judging. Huugg’s ended up being my eventual choice for […]


I’ve read all of the Celestial Steed Contest entries and have even re-read a few of them. I’ve gotta say, I’m thoroughly impressed with the thought and work that had gone into some of these submissions. It’s also been an absolute delight (yes, I just used that word) reading these. Some of them have moved […]