Memorable WoW Moments: Epic Halaa PvP Raids

Halaa from above

On my server Halaa wasn’t exactly a hotbed of activity back in TBC, but the battles that did occur there from time to time were incredibly fun. I recall one battle in which there were 2 raid groups formed on each side of horde and alliance, which lasted for over an hour. It was during this battle that I earned the necessary tokens for my Dark War Talbuk, which is still among my 5 favorite ground mounts. This mount was not easy to get back then, so I would imagine it’s near-impossible to obtain now.

This was also a great era for Beast Mastery hunters, as we were incredibly powerful during this period. BM DPS was crazy, plus we still had the 18 second CC immunity from TBW. I was raiding and doing arena in those days as well, which had me very well geared. It was quite fun to blow stuff up in an epic PvP raid setting.

Those fierce battles over Halaa back in The Burning Crusade were among my most memorable WoW moments. I can only hope that something similar will be introduced in Warlords of Draenor. ;)


  1. Takaas says

    The Alliance always outnumbered the Horde 5-1 on my server, so it was always a challenge when it came to world PvP. I think the most fun I had in PvP was the Alliance had a Night Elf Warrior that was very strategy minded. He formed a group that consisted of himself, two healers that pretty much kept him alive, some dps and a healer for them. He had about a dozen or so in his group. They would go around attacking the Horde’s major cities. It was always a fun challenge to try to beat him and his group. Some times we prevailed, other times it was to much to over come.

  2. Whitepaw says

    I miss Halaa, my partner and I have some really good memories there, (both BM hunters during TBC) there were epic battles and epic moments we got to share with the opposing faction!

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