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by Garwulf on August 26, 2013 · 5 comments

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is exploring some old dungeons, which are all new to me. I never raided back in vanilla, and in TBC, the furthest I’d progressed was Mag’s Lair, so I missed a lot of that old raid content. Experiencing it now is still fun, but I can only imagine how much of a rush it must have been to defeat those bosses back when the content was relevant.

Black Temple can still pose a couple of challenges (RoS & Illidan), but even at level 90…something about soloing Mr. Stormrage here just doesn’t seem right.


Demon Hunter down

The primary reason for visiting this old content is so Gar Jr. can experience it on his character, get the achievements, and of course…the shiny purple gear. He really doesn’t like to do much in the way of fighting – he’s pretty much all about the gear. He just enjoys following me around at a safe distance, scooping up all of the loot, then hiding behind a pillar or something while I fight the boss bad guys.

He was hoping for a Glaive, but no luck, although we did get the legendary item for Sulfuras on our first ever run of MC a few weeks back. The kid is lucky and has NO IDEA…¬†Those of you who were a part of progressive guilds back in the day…I can’t even begin to imagine the level of heart-pumping and profanity that these encounters must have brought on.

Downing Gruul for the first time was a big one for me, as was Kel’Thuzad, and then Anub’Arak, but those seem to be amateur hour when compared to downing Nefarian at 60, or Illidan at 70.

Occasionally I do miss raiding…some good times they were. :*)

Next up…Sunwell Plateau. Should be fun.

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Aast August 26, 2013 at 3:46 am

Never had much trouble soloing ROS however, the Council …


Garwulf August 26, 2013 at 11:09 am

I could have been doing it wrong, or standing somewhere I shouldn’t have been, but RoS took me down fairly low during one of the phases.

Yea, the council was a little bit rough. I probably should have mentioned it as well. My health didn’t drop too low, but that fight involves the most furious button-mashing of all the BT bosses.


Zeijin August 27, 2013 at 4:35 am

During phase 2, RoS has a damaging aura that you can’t avoid. Basically you just have to burn him as fast as possible in that phase. I like to go BM for that fight for the extra healing as well as use a spirit beast for spirit mending just to be safe.


NightWolf August 26, 2013 at 11:52 pm

I didn’t start playing til Cata came out so when I finally went back to see some old content it makes me wish I had started playing earlier than I did.

Enjoy Sunwell it’s IMO a fun raid with some stuff that can still kill you even at 90 since some of the damage seems to be percent based and can tick pretty hard. I run it weekly trying to get the legendary to drop.


Yaone October 21, 2013 at 12:57 am

Ah fun stuff, I been doing this a lot on my hunter lately. But finally getting a break since Kael decided he had enough of my killing him every week and dropped the bird.

I’m not sure on RoS, but pretty sure that the second phase is where you take damage for the damage you deal. I usually just let the pet beat up on that and twiddle my thumbs. And as for a glaive, I have one sitting in my bank. I can’t even put it on for show. Makes me a sad panda!

And Sunwell, yes, the one trash mob **slayer** does have a sting that is percent based so you got to watch out for that one. Other than that, all the bosses are pretty darn easy to solo now. Even Kalecgos with the nerf. Just make sure you tank the boss and not the pet.


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